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Analytical Grade Chemicals

Analytical Grade Chemicals are widely used in chemistry labs and industries to perform various chemical operations during the formulation of various types of products. These organic compounds are available in liquid forms in different grades.

Laboratory Chemicals

Laboratory Chemicals are highly active formulations that are made up by adding wide range of ingredients appropriate amounts. These solutions can be used for the material testing and other lab related applications.

Gas Chromatography Chemicals

Buy from us highly pure Gas Chromatography Chemicals that are used in the separation of a chemistry element from a mixture. These can be used in various types of industries and laboratories to separate out the chemical without decomposition.

parenteral dosage form

Parenteral Dosage form are sterile solutions that are commonly used in the specialized tissues which includes spinal cord, veins and other muscle groups. The offered range of such pharma compounds are available in their purest form with a purity up to 99 percent.